Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas

Hey everyone =)

It's going to be christmas tomorrow and i cant wait to see what santa's bringing me this year =)
I just want to apologise to everyone about not being on dogs with blogs, i havnt been able to use the internet lately and im very sorry to all my friends =( please forgive me?

I was so excited about recieving lots of cards this year, it really made my day, hehe =) I think that the humans have a surprise present for me and Angus, hmm i just dont know what it could be..i hope its some sort of food

Charlie im sorry i didnt get to post you anything on my blog for your birthday, i hope you had a wonderful day and got lots of food and a yummy cake =)

To all my doggie friends and everyone in the dog blog world have a


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Cant upload pictures! ='[ HELP PLS?

Hey guys =) Im sorry i havnt been blogging carina's been busy with her course this time not her school work, hehe

I have got lots of cards now, well not that many =) but it's alot to me i got cards from:
Tin tin

Cubby & Dakota
Charlie and Opy

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The postman has been =D


Sorry that i just yelled its because i am SO happy to have my first xmas card from Charlie and Opy!

I got it last week BUT my camera wasnt working then =( so i wanted to wait to take pictures of myself with the card =) hehe

Hmm and i was reading Charlies blog and he said "Who do you share your home with?"

We dont really have any animals around here like Charlie and Opy do but most people still think we have a farm, hehe

Its probably because of the 5 other animals that live here with me! =) and here they are...

There i am with the card
Angus =)))
Mac (left) and Bangle (right)

Ralph Cheeky!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Waiting for the cards

Hey all =]

Nothing much to say, as you can see i have been waiting for the cards to arrive!

I am so excited about getting the cards! and i hope everyone is going to have
a great xmas! =D


Friday, November 24, 2006

Floss & Angus

Hello everyone =]

This is an old photo from about 5 months ago, but i thought i would post it because it's really nice

I'm really excited about getting the calendars i think there going to be GREAT! I will try not to eat them, hehe =]

Carina hasnt taken me walking for ages! It's probably because of all of those test and stuff she has had! whatever those are anyway, i dont think they could be as important as my walkies =[

I cant believe its going to be christmas soon, i wonder what the humans will get for me this year!
The only thing i dont like about this time of the year is that it seems to be when lots of mean people decide to dump there animals or just leave them and go on hoildays and then there is so many animals left homeless! that makes me very sad

Thats it for now
love flossy

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Spoilt! i think NOT!

Hey all =] im so glad im back and blogging everyday i really did miss it here heaps!

Boy OH boy it really was HOT today! these are the steps that Carina does everyday when she comes home from school

Step 1:
Let Angus and Floss inside

Step 2:
Wet Angus and Floss with cold towel

Step 3:
Give Angus and Flossy MILK! (Special dog milk)

Step 4:
Feed Angus and Floss

Step 5:
Let them sleep

See guys im really not that spoilt, hehe =]

Love floss

Monday, November 20, 2006

It's way to hot!

Howdy all ;]

I'm having a terrible time here in sydney it's been way to HOT! these last couple of days and me and Angus have had to be outside during the day =[ but i guess the humans need that green stuff so they can buy us FOOD!

Not long ago Carina went to the animal expo that was on, and she said it is great there. Theres cats, dogs, rabbits, mice, rats, birds, reptiles and farm animals! she loves it there

Theres heaps of information there on all animals, she even got me food when she went there

Carina has also finished all of her yearly exams =D so she can back to here and start writing again

Nothing much has been happening Angus and me have just been sleeping inside and staying out of the heat, i wish we could play with water so we could get nice and cool

Thats it for now
lots of love
flossy xo

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Sorry this is a little bit late, but i guess it's the thought that counts =D

Opy your a very special girl, and i love you very much!
I hope all of your doggie wishes come true on this very special day for you
You were the first one who welcomed me here, when i first joined and made
me feel very loved, every single dog in the world should have a blog, ive made so many
friends here and its because of you, if carina didnt see that sign in the vet that day
we never would have met, and that would have been a shame.


Lots of love

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Dont blame me, im sorry =[

Hey guys

I'm sorry I have had to stay away for so long, Carina has had lots of test at school and has had to study for them =[ I’ve missed you guys heaps and I haven’t even had time to read anyone’s blog =[ I have alot of reading to do tonight, but I probably wont be posting another blog for a while again

Angus was not well last week, Carina thought that he would have had to go to the vet and not come back, I don’t know what she means by that but what ever it is it cant be good, he’s a bit better now things are looking good

Other news, I have been a very good girl lately not digging holes or anything, I heard the humans say that I might be saving all my energy up and then one day they will come home and the house wont be there, hehe that gives me ideas

I'm sorry that I wasn’t able to join the xmas card exchange, I guess I just missed out this time I really did want to join it, it would have been great to get cards from doggies all around the world =] there’s always next time

Also does anyone know when the dogs with blogs calendar will be coming out? I can’t wait =]

That’s it for now doggies

Friday, October 20, 2006

The world looks cool upside down!

Hello everyone =]

See that picture there, it's an old one but i thoguht i would put it up, just for the fun of it. Thanks for everyones comments before, i really appreciate that so many doggies care =] I feel very loved.

Here in Sydney the stupid weather is changing again and again, yesterday was HOT then today cold, geez doesnt it have a mind like a dog.

Can someone please help me, Carina and i have been trying to work out how to upload a video recording onto my blog? Can i please have some help =[ i have a recording of when i was a wee little pup, not that small but smaller, about 3 months old

Thats it for now


Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Hallo all you pups =]

I was just thinking about D.W.B's today and i decided to write a little bit about why i love it here so much!

1) I have made so many great friends here for life

2) I can share my photos with dogs/people who love and care for me

3) I can read back and remember where i buired my last bone

4) No one here is scared of me =]

5) I have had experiences here that i may have never had the chance to do

6) You guys can always give me advice and help

7) If im sad i know you guys will always cheer me up

8) You's know that im NOT just a dog

9) I love sharing my storys with everyone from around the world

10) And mostly i wanted to say

I LOVE YOU with out you's it wouldnt be the same

Monday, October 16, 2006

This is cheeky boy, which is actually a girl
This is Mr Mac
And me with ice cream on my nose

Hi all =]

My camera is broken, yet again =[ so i cant take any new pictures, to put on the computer, yay im happy that Boss is back now we can play together, im so much bigger than him now.

Carina is still very busy, so she cant spend much time on the computer, i will just have to chew on a bone to pass the time *sigh*

Bye for now

not forever

=] love you all

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


BIG ME! =]
Howdy all my doggie friends =]

I am so sorry that i havnt been posting, it's just that Carina has had alot of assignments to get done, so ive just been sleeping and chewing on lots of bones to pass the time.

Well i guess i really should inform you guys of what has been happening here in my kennel, that i share with the humans =]

I have been doing alot of growing and i mean ALOT! i am 71cm now, how BIG is that but i dont think it matters it just means there is more of me to love, right?

I have been getting alot of food lately, it seems like everytime Carina eats i do, its like she takes a bite i take a bite and so on AND THIS IS GREAT FOR ME! i just open my mouth and food gets shoved in =] what a great hoilday this is!

Hmm angus still hasnt been very good, having lots of fits and bad stuff =[ i guess he is just getting really old, i mean he is what 14!

well thats it for now
bye bye

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Im feeling HOT HOT HOT!

Look at my wrinkles
Howdy partners,

Update of weather

This week sure has been weird i dont know what the stopid weather is doing.One mimit it's hot the next mimit its raining and then the next mimit its windy, deary me.

Update of walkies

Hmm Carina didnt take me AT ALL this week, but i did get to go last weekend with some of Carinas friends we went down to the park and played chasings and of course i won, hehe.

Update of baths

YES!!!! its been 1 whole month in counting since i last had a bath =] thats great i think Carina actually forgot, well i dont care thats good.

Update of FOOD!!!

Yummy, a couple of days ago Carina made me & Angus a casorole it was delicous, i gobbled down the whole thing in 1 mimit. If anyone would like the recipe just tell me and i will put it in my next post =]

Thats it for now doggies

Monday, September 25, 2006

Wind wind go away dont come back another day!

Hello all,

Im not happy to say that im not happy, if that makes sense. I am very angry at the weather why is it so stopid cant it be smart like us doggies =]

Now because of the wind & fires two of my friends cannot BLOG! [Opy & Charlie]
that makes me so cross, now i will have to go and get a BIG bowl of ice cream and eat it all to myself....or maybe not yet, after i finish blogging =]

I went to the park on saturday i had fun running around and around in circles, we didnt stay there for long Carina had to go somewhere =[ for an assignment or something, but it doesnt matter because she gave me a bone so it didnt bother me that much.

Thats all nothing has really happned bye bye doggies


Friday, September 22, 2006


So i have been tagged by Bear bear and Sam =] Hmm now i have to write five things that make me a good doggie friend! Where do i start..

1) I am always willing to sniff a butt even if ive had a bad day.

2) I will eat any food that is put infornt of me, even if it's not exactly fresh.

3) If someone is sad or crying i will go over to them and put my paw on their knee.

4) I am always ready to go for a jog.

5) I will always love my family no matter what happens.

I have decided to tag

  • Maximilliam
  • Tin tin
  • Pippin
  • Willow & Stella
  • Cubby

Sunday, September 17, 2006

My bookie

Hi hi hi hi everyone,

Just a quick little blog entry today, i had a bath yesterday eeeeeeee but i kinda enjoyed it more then last time. Angus is still finding it hard to cope with the heat. I went to the vet yesterday aswell just to quickly weigh myself and can you believe it i am 40kg what a BIG girl i am =]

As you can tell alot of things happened yesterday =] but i guess they are all good, oh and i forgot to say YAY i got a yummy bone aswell yesterday mmm so many great things.

Take a look at the book i got for my barkday it's named after me =]
Oh so famous!!! the only trouble is that the dog in the book is not a german shepard =[


Saturday, September 16, 2006


Heya everyone =]
This is the picture i was trying to get on yesterday, and as you can see from the picture this is what i was talking about the cats having some sort of secret way of talking to each other.
Hmm i wonder what they are up to???

Friday, September 15, 2006

The cat's are hiding a secret

Hi all =]

Sorry i havnt blogged in a while =[ well actually you all should be blaming Carina, she said she's been really really busy, but i said to her what can be more important than blogging =[ She fed me a bone so then i stopped bugging her =] but i didnt forget so thats why we are blogging now!!!

On other news....i think that the cats are hiding something from me....they have been making really weird faces and they are trying to look innocent BUT IT DOESNT FOOL ME!!!
but of course the humans are falling for it, they are soo easy to fool.Silly humans just look into the cats eyes and they melt. I really need to teach them.

Thank you Charlie and Opy for inviting me to be in the calender =] By the way which picture did you chose of me to put in the calender?

Angus has been finding it hard to cope with the heat, so Carina gets a cloth wets it and then puts it on his back it really seems to help.Does anyone have any ideas of another way that we could make it easier for him? If you do we would really appreciate it. We cant let Angus over heat or he will have a fit so thats why its important that we watch him, sometimes i follow him around and i put my paws on his back to let him know im there with him =]

I hope i can get a bone today, the humans are going to some pet warehouse to get 'FOOD' and then they are going to the vet to get angus more tablets. If i dont get a bone when they come back i will be sooo angry that i wont talk to them...for a while hehe! Oh and i forgot to say YAY Carina has been walking me everyday now =] i wub it..except for when little dogs start biting me on my face. That really does hurt!!! =[

Im out now doggies
wub wub


Friday, September 08, 2006

Stay the Same!!!

Hiya everyone,

After thinking very hard about this, i have decided that it is best to STAY THE SAME!!!
Maybe we dont get everythink we want or get to do everythink we want BUT we do kinda get to boss the humans around =] right??? and everyone well most doggies want it to stay the same soooo thats what we will have to do.We just have to put up with it guys and gals.

I am also feeling a bit angry at the 'heaven' why do the keep taking away the humans, it isnt fair first steve now peter what is this world coming to!!! I know these humans went away doing somethink they loved BUT it still isnt fair =[ It doesnt seem right, and i heard the humans saying somethink about all things come in 3's is that bad or good?? does it mean next time i get a bone i will get 3???


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

It's me or the dog?

ello there doggies,
Isnt it amazing how many people are actually afraid of dogs, and i was thinking this could be a 'GREAT' advantage for us dogs =] It could help us take over the humans imagine this No more baths, NO more having to sit, NO more getting brushed and NO more not being allowed to get on the lounge wouldnt it be great.
But there are also some bad things about this such as NO more getting taken to the vet when your sick, NO big bones, NO walkies and NO driving in the car with your head sticking out the window smelling all those great smells oh sorry back to the i will let you guys decide on this TAKE OVER THE WORLD or STAY THE SAME!?
flossy xoxoxo

Monday, September 04, 2006

Who said being 'BIG' makes you tough

I am a bit angry today doggies =z

and it's not because i havnt had my daily serving of bones, it's because everyone is scared of me or hates me. Why are these humans so stupid i am a cute, cuddly, adorable, loving, gorgeous buddle of fluff [not the stinky fluffs that come out from under my tail]

anyway back to the point, what is there not to love about me.Ok get this, i was minding my own bussiness walking down the street with Carina & all of a sudden 'BAM' these humans come out of nowhere and start screaming all because of me walking in their front yard.I mean come on what is with that i dont even leave a deposit when i go walkies only cause it's embarrassing.

And it's not like they can stop me from walking past their front yard, im a good little girl. Hmm so i continued to walk and everyone else was fine except for people who cross the road when im on the same side as them, they only cross it because i am there.I dont even get a chance to say hello.

Im out doggies

wub wub
floss xOXxO

Sunday, September 03, 2006


Hey all,

Not much to say today, just take a look at this pls =]

Beau vanished from a 2.5 metre high verandah which was secured by a gate at the top of the stairs during the day between the hours of 8.00 am and 2.00 pm on Tuesday, 1 July 2003 while I was away at work. The latch was on the outside of the gate.
It was impossible for a dog to open this latch. It was impossible for a dog to jump over the verandah railings. It is extremely unlikely that Beau could have been able to climb over the gate.
The house is set well back from the roadway and the verandah is hidden from view by tall Jacaranda trees which line the driveway. The front gate to the property is locked. The entire boundary of the property is fenced with hinge-joint wire fencing, which the fencing contractor told me was ‘wild pig proof,’ and this boundary fence line is electrified. The house area is also fenced with hinge-joint wire fencing.

If anyone can help please dont hesitate HELP FIND BEAU!!!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hey hey,
Just a quick little update tonight ;-]
I havnt done much today just
been sniffing around as you can
see from the photo above.
Angus had yet another 'fit' today
and the humans dont know what
they are going to do about it. It's
becoming pretty bad for anggie.
Anyway i cant wait till my BARKDAY
the boy doggies out there i will be
shaking my booty on the dance floor
tomorrow night cus thats when ill have
my party, and on Friday i will get
all my FOOD i mean presents hehehe.
*woof woof*
floss xoxox

Monday, August 28, 2006

My 'furever' home

Hey all ;-]

This is the story of how i got my 'furever' home.

Well it all started when i was only a wee little puppy [3 months] one day i opened my eyes and i was on the side of a busy road left there by myself, without my brothers or sisters. I started to wander around but there was cars everywhere i looked, i then wandered down into a park. There were lots of little humans there all looking at me, but then they came up to me and started kicking me in my tummy =[ i had no idea what was going on. After the little humans left i started to walk around the streets again but this time it was dark all of a sudden some humans picked me up and threw me into a cage in the back of truck with lots of other dogs.

The next day when i wipped my eyes with my paws i saw that i was in some small looking cage. Lots of people came threw each day but everyone said they didnt want me because i was TOO BIG =[ it made me feel really depressed i started to get kennel cough and i was riddled with fleas and worms. This was my last day if i didnt find a home today the big humans said i was going to heaven i had no idea what that was =/

It was my final day and lots of humans had been coming in and out of the cages BUT there were three humans that i liked and they seemed to like me too. They said i was the most beautiful girl they have ever seen =] They took me out of the cage and i ran around in circles, i fell over a couple of times hehehehe!!!

The humans fell in love with me they said they would take me home right away 'SO THEY DID'
and thats how i got my 'furever' home ;-]



Saturday, August 26, 2006


Hmmm look at my backyard...i wonder where that cat is
Hey there everyone =]

I have thought of a new game that we could play.

this is how it's played, this game is called how you got
your 'furever' home.When you get a comment in your box
saying I-TAG-YOU you then have to tell everyone how you got your
furever home =] after you do that you then have to tag 5 other doggie friends
you do this by leaving I-TAG-YOU in their comment box.

i hope you all have fun playing this game =]
I tagged Opy, Charlie, Pippin, Tin tin, [Roxie, Sammy & Andy]

COUNTDOWN:6 DAYS but im having my party on wednesday because thats the day that my nan comes over =]


Friday, August 25, 2006

This is the other damage i did to the house..i know it's BAD and there's Carina's mum pulling back my BIG ears

Hey hey hey hey =]

The humans havnt fixed the stupid camera but i am pretty sure we will have it for my barkday =D well i am hoping so!!! Thanks everyone for your ideas but i dont have a scanner so i would not be able to put the photos onto the computer =C

Oh yay im happy i got a new tennis ball to destory i already chewed half way through it =D mmm yummy tennis ball!!! Luckily before i put some photos onto my computer incase of an emergency so here they are >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Thursday, August 24, 2006


Hello there =[

Nothing seems to be going good. This is the worst news, it is only a couple of days untill my birthday and my camera has broken and it is the shop and will have to be sent away if they cant fix it, then it will take 2 months to return =[ thats terrible what about my barkday what am i going to do??????

The humans dont have anymore cameras!!!!!!!! Its not fair why me why now =[
Everyone i am putting my paws on my eyes and hiding away from this world. If anyone has any suggestions please tell me. I really need the help =[

Other news =] sorry i havnt been blogging me and Carina have been very busy lately trying to fix the stupid camera!!! Angus has still been having some fits but not as bad as before, i also noticed that lots more dogs have joined THATS GREAT =] atleast theres some good news.

Charlie and Opy i was out near where you's live on the weekend, well not me but the humans told me they went there, they went to cobbitty =] Do you know where that is??? I think they had to go past your house before they got there.

Thats it doggies
luv floss

Friday, August 18, 2006


Hey everyone =]

Boy oh boy did i get alot of comments before. It's good to know that dogs out there are reading my blogs. Thankyou to everyone for there kind thoughts regarding my brother Angus he is feeling a bit better now. He's back to his normal self =] just sleeping and eating all day. I've been a very good girl lately hehe because my barkday is very very close now. I cant believe i will be 1 year young.... does that make me old ?????????

But i have been a bit confused lately the humans havnt been taking me for walks =/ I think it's because they are a bit busy with 'human' things at the moment. I'm sure that they will take me soon =]

For my barkday i am learning how to dance so i can do some moves on the dance floor on my birthday. I will take the photos of me and Carina dancing on my barkday, and also i will be wearing a special barkday girl hat =]

Well i best be off
gotta go eat

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Where are the dogs in the blog world???

Hello's there =]

Where the heck is everyone.Hmmm hope you all arnt slacking off =[[

I have some bad news Angus has being having those silly fits again we have to take him to the vet, the humans think the cancer is starting to grow more.Is cancer a really bad thing =[????

Other birthday is coming closer and closer im soooo happy i am going to go around the world and pick up all my friends =] you are all invited to my party.There will be butt sniffing, dog licking, ripping up paper, jumping up and down and most important EATING!!!

p.s I have a picture of the damage i did to the house last week >>>>>>>>>
and the rest was done by Angus when he was 2 years old.Yes i know that was a very long time ago.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


The player of this game starts with "5 weird things/habits about yourself." Then you tag 5 friends and list their names. The furries who get tagged need to write on their blogs about their 5 weird things/habits, as well as state this rule clearly, then tag 5 more victims. Don't forget to leave your victim a comment that says "you're tagged!" in their comments and tell them to read your blog.
1)I can say hello & yes please in the way humans speak.
2)When i play with my toy i swing it around in cirlces in the air and sometimes i smash myself in the mouth.
3)When one of the humans sits on the toilet i will open the door myself and DEMAND that they give me a toilet roll to chew on and after i chew it a little bit i will eat it =]
4)If i am getting dressed to go walking sometimes i will wee wee myself because i get so excited.
5)I taught myself how to hand shake and it really seemed to impress the humans.
I tagged Opy, M-j, Charlie, Katsu and Dusty.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Carina took a picture of my.....rear end T__T
Hi everyone =]

I am sooooo happy today BOTH mum & dad stayed home today but mums reason for staying home was bad well see the thing is that theres this broom right this really tasty looking broom and a couple of days ago i decided to chew it and chew it and chew it untill it was almost gone.But the broom is steel and yesterday when my mum was sweeping the steel cut into her finger and she had to snap it in half so she could pull it off her thumb and the blood was everywhere do you know how bad i felt the fact that it was all my fault the broom had cut her because it was broken =[
Onto some good news today was great just sleeping inside next to Angus =] eating and just be lazy.I have to buy some things for my birthday soon im going to get party hats, streamers and FOOD!!!
luv floss

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Driving in the BIG car

Hey there everyone =]

I hope that everyone took the time to read the poem i posted last night, it's a bit sad but its a cool poem.Other news YAY i went driving today, i went to my nannys house and when i got there i had a big piece of cheese =D it was soooo yummy i love my nan she always gives me lots of food.So i dont think Carina will take me walking now because i went in the car but oh well still had fun =]

Last night Angus had a bit of an well i mean BIG accident inside all up and down the hall way, there was poop everywhere.Its because he's so old and in the morning when daddy took him out the front he stood on the road right in the middle of it and just stared, oh its getting worse =[[

I will just have to teach him =] i hope i can be a good teacher i espically love teaching those silly humans things they are really hard to train dont you agree????? When i say feed me they just stand there they are SUPPOSED to put the food in my mouth oh stupid humans!!!!

doggie kisses
floss xoxo

p.s heres a picture of angus =D enjoy hehe

A poem for Mary

In Memory of Mary
My name is Mary and I died today.
I know, ‘cause the Lord came to take me away.
I looked in his eyes and I just asked him, “Why?
Just why did the ones that I love make me die?
I stayed in my cage and I tried to be good--
and wanted to be the best dog that I could.”

“It wasn’t you,” the Lord said with a sigh,
“You were kind through it all and you held your head high.
It’s the people who threw you away as a pup--
the same way they’d toss out an old plastic cup.
There are millions of Mary’s who die every day
and I’m here to love them and take them away.”

It didn’t seem right and he said, “It’s not fair,”
He said as he lovingly stroked down my hair,
that people don’t learn when you die for their sin--
“The choices they made left no room at the inn.
The place you were staying just needed more space
And you died so another could come take your place.”

I tried very hard but they all passed me by
They said, “she’s too plain or too old or too high.”
They wanted a pup or a pure pedigree
But the one thing I wished they had wanted was me.
My name is Mary and I died today.
I know, ‘cause the Lord came to take me away.
[by JoEllen D. for PetPals, Inc.]

Friday, August 11, 2006

My camera is working =] YAY

mmm hi everyone,

Im so happy that my camera is working again =]] but i am very sad today aswell because of the dog orginaisation having to shut down it breaks my little doggie heart <>

I wonder what i will do today i think i might go for a walk or a drive in the car =/ i would rather 'BOTH' hehe.Mum went shoppong today so we finally got some more bones to chew on.Carina is still a bit busy with other human stuff but we are trying our hardest to keep bloging as much as we can.I cant believe so many more dogs have joined dogs with blogs in such little time its GREAT =]] i can make more friends.Well i best be off now i have a very full day =]


luv floss xoxoxox

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Heya there everyone =]

YAY i can try to keep updating my blog more, but not that much Carina still has lots of assignments to get done =[
It really sucks that humans have to do all these 'things' why cant they just say at home all day and sleep and eat i
mean that is like a barktastic idea why hasnt anyone else thought of it =/ oooohhhhhhh but maybe it's because
humans need all that green stuff that they use to get me food and toys =]] well i suppose i would rather them get
me food and toys right????? =/

much luv flossy

Very very busy!!!

Hello there my fellow blog readers,

Sorry that me and Carina havnt been blogging Carina has been really busy lately with all that human stuff, you know assignments and other stuff that takes a long time.And i havnt exactly been what you call 'GOOD' lately.I have no idea what has gotten into me.Today when Carina came home she noticed that i had been pulling some of the clading off the house and that is really really 'BAD' like extremly bad.I think it's very expensive or somethink and thats why Carina got so 'ANGRY' and i have to go back outside soon because im not allowed in till 7:30 because ive been so naughty =[

Well i dont think much has happened this week i had two bones to chew on dug some holes sniffed some butts and yer thats bout it.Oh and by the way i cant take any photos at the moment because my doggie camera is broken=[
sooo very sorry to all of those pups who like looking at some photos =[

COUNTDOWN:21 DAYS and by the way if i dont start behaving myself there will be no party!

luv flossy xoxo =[[

Monday, August 07, 2006

Paws 'n' more paws

Hi all,

I was a very naughty girl today i went around to the side of the house and where the humans blocked it off with wood i pulled out the whole thing and dug right down and tryed to squeeze my BIG ass under there but i didnt suceed.When Carina got home she was really angry like really angry =[ i got yelled at and now i feel bad =[ i guess i should feel bad right??? wells anyways they cant stay mad at me forever =] well at least i dont think so.Here is a picture of my paw and Carinas =]


luv flossy xoxox

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Here is the picture i was trying to get on before =]

If you didnt see what i wrote before here it is.

The first colloar is when i was 3 months, second colloar is when i was 6 months and the thrid colloar is from when i was 9 months and till now =]

small medium LARGE

Hello again everyone,

It's a beautiful day here in sydney, well not that good it's been raininy alot lately BUT we do need the rain.Im not sure but it's this thing that humans talk about somethink um well i think it's called a droop when the rain stops coming for a long time =/ Yea thats it the droop has been annoying the humans for since i can remember and i can remember alots.

I havnt gotten into trouble today well not yet anyway hehehe.Somethink has been annoying me lately for some reason Carina always wants to brush me it's like she has a button in her head and everytime she sees me she gets the brush and starts brushing i think aliens have invaded into her brain and they are trying to wipe out the dog population.Well i say never DOGS with rule the world some day we already rule some humans, we just have to get the rest and then theres no turning back dogs will rule the world.

Going onto another topic now.Angus has still been having fits and the thing is everytime he has a fit we record it down in a book.The last time Angus had a fit was 2 days ago =[ and it really upsets me.I get all unsettled and sometimes i cry =[ Personaliy my family believes that Angus has fits because he is allergic to garlic but not many people believe us but it could also be because he might have a brain tumour but its to risky for him if they were to try and see if he had a brain tumour.The trouble to is that the mrdication Angus is on it will slowly cause his kidneys, hearts or lungs to start to shut down over a 2 year period.We wanted to put Angus on vivotovin that would help him become more 'sane' .Not long ago he ran onto the road and just stood there.But he cant go on vivotovin because it will put to much pressure on his organs.

Well thats it for today have a look at this photo of my colloars.
The first one is when i was 3 months, second one is when i was 6 months and the thrid one is from 9 months till now. oh the picture wont work i will try laters =[ =[

luv flossy

Friday, August 04, 2006

whO LeT tHe dOgs oUt?

Hello there everyone,

I cant believe that me and Carina didnt write a blog yesterday =/ but we have a very good reason why !

Here is our lovely story,Well today we went to visit nan and recently our next door neighbours cockatoo had got out of the cage and wandered into my nans tree in the front yard and had been sitting there for 3 days.So i thought that these STUPID 'neighbours' did not care about there beautiful bird, so i told carina she had to do something about this she had to rescue it so she did =].But it took half n hour to get the cockatoo out of the tree and than i had to throw a blanket over him and catch him and i had no choice BUT to take him back into his cage into the neighbours yard =[ i dont have anywhere to put a cockatoo of that size =[ but if he does get out again i will keep him.

That was our fun filled day we were just doing our job =]


much luv flossy

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The countdown has begun!!!

Heya everyone, my birthday will be very very soon well not that soon but its on the 1st of september and im really excited about it.

So each day i am going to write down the amount of days till my birthday =]

and on my birthday i will take heaps of pictures with my camera and show you the party.

would everyone also please take the time to think about Charlie tonight and send him your best wishes.


lots and lots of puppy love
flossy xoxoxoxo

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

What a great week

Heya everyone,me and Angus are having a great week.Yesterday daddy was home and today Carina is home=]

I hope i can go walking again soon i really loved running fast at the creek but im not that fast well i could run faster if i wanted to.You should have seen Angus when he could run really fast he would run from one end of the creek to the other in just 5 seconds seriuosly we timed it.He was really fast.But now all he does is waddle around everywhere and sleep all day long.

Well i guess thats just his way off living now because he is pretty old.Angus's last sister Lucky pasted away in september last year she was 17 years old and she had to be put down.But we got her cremated and she basically had to be put down because of old age =[ but then again i guess 17 is a pretty good age and she had a wonderful life.We will always miss her but we know she is still with us, but we just cant see her.

Lots of love

GRRR get away from me

Hello to all of my blog readers today =]

Well i bet you all want to know about my fun filled day.I was very happy today because i noticed that daddy was home and he wasnt going to work today so that would mean that me and Angus would be let inside all day =] In the nice warm house.

So all i really did today was sleep, eat, sleep and oh eat.What a great day had so relaxing.You can see from the picture just how happy i was today and how much i bugged Angus all day.And you know that lovely GREEN GRASS you can in the picture it doesnt exist anymore.

till next time
love flossy xoxoxo