Monday, July 31, 2006

Meet the Cats

x Bangle shes such a princess x
Mac the devil cat
Hello's to everyone reading this =] I will tell all of you about my day.It started off very very cold in the morning me and Angus were freezing =[ but on the happy side Carina gave me a HUGE bone to chew on today, but i only ate half of it and buried the rest hehe so i can have it tomorrow.

I didnt dig any holes today i was to busy dragging all of the mats out onto the grass so i could lay on them i mean come on shouldnt mats be on the grass where its cold not on the concret thats pointless but for some reasons humans think its a good idea, and some people call dogs crazy.What about humans they do lots of crazy things.Like for example why would you cook dinner and share it i would just eat it all to myself and i wouldnt bother cooking it whats the point.Second of all why do humans bother washing i mean at the end of the day they end up dirty again so obviously theres np point its just a waste of precious water.

Now i would like to introduce to everyone the 2 felines i have to live with everyday of my life[i do love them but dont tell them that because then i will have to be nice to them]The first cat is Bangle second is Mac.

doggie kisses floss xoxo

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Thats just wonderful

Hello its Angus here, just stealing the computer from Floss for a second =] Oh here she comes now.But quicky before she kicks me off i have some photos for everyone to look at when i was getting ready to go for a drive in the car and let me remind everyone i think that i still look very good for the age of 13 years =]

lots of doggie punches from Angus xo

Sleepy time for angus

Heres Angus taking a much needed nap Perfect moment for me to steal all of Angus's dinner

lots of doggie kisses
Floss xoxo

A poem for all dogs

Floss's mum here Carina =]

I just thought i would write a little poem i came up with.

This poem is deticated to all dogs out there, i love you all.

Dogs are not only a man's a best friend
they are many other peoples too
dogs can do many naughty things such as chewing a shoe
but they can also do things such as loving you
a dog doesnt care if you have made a mistake
aslong as you come home to them with a BIG juciy steak
a dog with be there through thick and thin
they will comfort you for a scratch on the chin
everytime your dog wags their tail double that
again and again and thats how long they will love you
forever and till the end.

Written by Carina xoxo

Tell me and Floss what you think about our poem

Saturday, July 29, 2006

My friend Ralph

Hey just thouhgt i would show everyone my friend Ralph the Rosella.Shes so pwettyful=]


Where do you think your going Huh you want me to get that thing..ok then
Nah you can stay there

YAY im very excited today =] Im going for a walk soon but i dont think Angus will be able to come =[ he's a bit too tired today.But i can still have fun at the park.I like to get out and talk to the other dogs aswell its so much fun.Here are some pictures of me playing soccer.Enjoy =]

Easter doggie

Heres a picture of Angus on Easter day =] looking very nice :p But the pictures a bit dark because it was inside late at night.

doggie kisses
from Floss xoxo

I'm so tired

arn't i just the cutest =]
Heya to everyone,thought i would just drop by and blog another one of my thoughts.Today was ok but i didnt get to go for my walk.Carina was a bit too busy today but im sure she will take me tomorrow=].But i did have fun playing soccer in the backyard with a BASKETBALL thats because im so HUGE a soccer ball is to small for me to play with.I think i will have a really good sleep tonight.

Friday, July 28, 2006

I'm so beautiful =]

Before my bath =]
Well i did enjoy my bath.... isnt that amazing it felt so good to run around in grass after a nice warm bath =].I cant wait untill Carina makes me and Angus a nice cassorole.Take a look at my before and after pictures

EEEEEE why did they have to wash me=[ doggie kisses from floss xoxo


I am not happy at all today =[ Carina is going to give me bath and that is the worst I HATE BATHS.They make me smell a weird and different smell that i dont like at all.But for some weird and crazy reason Angus LOVES baths and that makes me confused is he a normal dog does any other dogs here actually love having a bath.I would like to know if you do =].Well i guess i should be going now and having my bath =[

lots of doggie kisses
Floss xoxo

About my brother Angus

Hello again everyone =] Thankyou very much for the comment Opy.I would just like to tell everyone about my brother Angus and his sometimes painfull life =[ When Angus was only 11 years old he was diagnosed with eplipsey this is his story.This is when i was not around as yet so Carina willl tell you the sad story.It would have been around 2 years ago now that Angus had his first severe fit it was around 3am and for some reason that night Angus was extremly unsettled so i took him out the back.The next thing i remember is hearing a loud smashing sound banging against the fence the first thing that came to my mind was that a stranger had gotten into the backyard and was hitting Angus but as i walked down the back and looked closer i realised he was having a fit and i had no idea what to do i ran inside and got my mum and we immediately ran outside but we could not do anythink.For the whole night i was beside Angus waiting with him.Angus was a mirracle dog he had been fitting from 3am in the morning till 9 the next day.We rushed him to the local vet and they gave him a drip and needles.The vet said it was amazing that he had lived.Two years on Angus does sometimes have fits and it breaks my heart when he does but the fits he has are not severe enough that they would cause to have to put him down.He is a very strong boy and i love him he is a fighter.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

My 1st birthday

I just wanted to remind everyone that it is my very first birthday very very soon.I'm so excited im having a birthday party with balloons and lots of presents and also yummy food.My birthday is on 1st september i cant wait. =]

My sad story

Hello everyone =] I thought to myself before maybe i should tell everyone a little bit about my sad past.When i was only 3 months of age i found myself wandering the streets trying to survive and everyday was a fighting battle for me.After wandering the streets for weeks i was picked up by the local pound which only lead me into further trouble.I had only been there for 3 days and was starting to get sick.While i was at the pound i did get kennel cough and also fleas and worms.At this stage my life was very missrable and was causing me greif.On my 4th day at the pound i was very confused as i saw 3 different looking people that i had never seen before walking through the cage.They came over to me and i rolled on my stomach and had a little accident as i was very terrified.But when they took me out of the cage i felt as tho i was comforted and for once in my life i felt like somebody LOVED me.Of course they could not resist me and would be coming back to pick me up in 2 days.Even tho they had to wait 2days they couldnt they were back the very next day to take me home. [above is a picture of me when i first arrived home still looking a bit depressed]

My doggies

My doggies

My new toy

YAY im so happy =] Today i got a new toy he's a little panda bear and his name is Kumi.I wuv him too bits he is my new favourite toy.I take him everywhere with me he's my little baby.But for some reason Angus never wants to play with me i think hes to tired and old.I can still play with the cats =] but i get to excited sometimes and i get yelled at i have no idea why i was only plaing chasings with cats.I feel a bit sad today because i cant fit into my baby chair anymore i have a photo for everyone to see when i actually could fit into the chair =]

My very first blog

Hello everyone, me(Floss) and my brother Angus are very excited as this is our very first blog =]
Well we will tell you a little bit about ourselfs.My name is Floss and i am a german shepard x rotti i am a very BIG girl i am bigger than my brother and i am only 10 months old.Angus my brother is a little bit older than me he is 13 years and he is a staffi x ridgeback.We both love to go on walkies but lately angus has not been able to go because hes so much older than me he cant walk for long =[ it makes me a bit upset when i have to walk by myself i get lonely sometimes.But i do enjoy playing with my next door neighbour his name is Boss and he is a staffi and hes only about 2 years old, we love to run around in the front yard.Well thats all for now bye lots of doggie kisses xoxo