Friday, July 28, 2006

About my brother Angus

Hello again everyone =] Thankyou very much for the comment Opy.I would just like to tell everyone about my brother Angus and his sometimes painfull life =[ When Angus was only 11 years old he was diagnosed with eplipsey this is his story.This is when i was not around as yet so Carina willl tell you the sad story.It would have been around 2 years ago now that Angus had his first severe fit it was around 3am and for some reason that night Angus was extremly unsettled so i took him out the back.The next thing i remember is hearing a loud smashing sound banging against the fence the first thing that came to my mind was that a stranger had gotten into the backyard and was hitting Angus but as i walked down the back and looked closer i realised he was having a fit and i had no idea what to do i ran inside and got my mum and we immediately ran outside but we could not do anythink.For the whole night i was beside Angus waiting with him.Angus was a mirracle dog he had been fitting from 3am in the morning till 9 the next day.We rushed him to the local vet and they gave him a drip and needles.The vet said it was amazing that he had lived.Two years on Angus does sometimes have fits and it breaks my heart when he does but the fits he has are not severe enough that they would cause to have to put him down.He is a very strong boy and i love him he is a fighter.

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Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Those fits don't sound like much fun for poor Angus :-( But at least he has you to love him and look after him - that's gotta help !
My mum is going in search of Frosty Paws and Otter Pops today - after hearing all those doggies in the Northern Hemisphere eating them, Charlie & I wanted some too - I don't know if they have them out here is Aussie land, but we will see what we can find. I will let you know - Angus and Floss might like them too if we can find them !