Monday, July 31, 2006

Meet the Cats

x Bangle shes such a princess x
Mac the devil cat
Hello's to everyone reading this =] I will tell all of you about my day.It started off very very cold in the morning me and Angus were freezing =[ but on the happy side Carina gave me a HUGE bone to chew on today, but i only ate half of it and buried the rest hehe so i can have it tomorrow.

I didnt dig any holes today i was to busy dragging all of the mats out onto the grass so i could lay on them i mean come on shouldnt mats be on the grass where its cold not on the concret thats pointless but for some reasons humans think its a good idea, and some people call dogs crazy.What about humans they do lots of crazy things.Like for example why would you cook dinner and share it i would just eat it all to myself and i wouldnt bother cooking it whats the point.Second of all why do humans bother washing i mean at the end of the day they end up dirty again so obviously theres np point its just a waste of precious water.

Now i would like to introduce to everyone the 2 felines i have to live with everyday of my life[i do love them but dont tell them that because then i will have to be nice to them]The first cat is Bangle second is Mac.

doggie kisses floss xoxo


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey Floss,

Charlie is always stealing my mattress too - he puts it as far away from his as possible, he reckons it is because I snore too loud and keep him awake ! Lying in the sun on a matt is great - we are having some nice weather at the moment, but today was alittle windy - we sure could use some rain though :-(

Take it easy buddy !

Sam I Am said...

I see you have the same at your house with the cats ,thank you for stopping by and sharing .may I add you to my barking buddy list.woof

IndyPindy said...

You are very cute, and the cats are cute too!

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