Thursday, July 27, 2006

My sad story

Hello everyone =] I thought to myself before maybe i should tell everyone a little bit about my sad past.When i was only 3 months of age i found myself wandering the streets trying to survive and everyday was a fighting battle for me.After wandering the streets for weeks i was picked up by the local pound which only lead me into further trouble.I had only been there for 3 days and was starting to get sick.While i was at the pound i did get kennel cough and also fleas and worms.At this stage my life was very missrable and was causing me greif.On my 4th day at the pound i was very confused as i saw 3 different looking people that i had never seen before walking through the cage.They came over to me and i rolled on my stomach and had a little accident as i was very terrified.But when they took me out of the cage i felt as tho i was comforted and for once in my life i felt like somebody LOVED me.Of course they could not resist me and would be coming back to pick me up in 2 days.Even tho they had to wait 2days they couldnt they were back the very next day to take me home. [above is a picture of me when i first arrived home still looking a bit depressed]