Sunday, July 30, 2006

A poem for all dogs

Floss's mum here Carina =]

I just thought i would write a little poem i came up with.

This poem is deticated to all dogs out there, i love you all.

Dogs are not only a man's a best friend
they are many other peoples too
dogs can do many naughty things such as chewing a shoe
but they can also do things such as loving you
a dog doesnt care if you have made a mistake
aslong as you come home to them with a BIG juciy steak
a dog with be there through thick and thin
they will comfort you for a scratch on the chin
everytime your dog wags their tail double that
again and again and thats how long they will love you
forever and till the end.

Written by Carina xoxo

Tell me and Floss what you think about our poem


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Cool poem - I really like that, and it is true as well !


Charlie The Big Dog said...

Shut up Opy - Im speeking!

I love your Blog and I am going to have to tell my dad to make all those cool colours on my blog just like yours!
Can I add you as my Pawpal on my blog?


Flossikens said...

Hello Charlie,

I wasnt sure if you got the comment but the answer to your question is YES!!! =]