Friday, August 04, 2006

Hello there everyone,

I cant believe that me and Carina didnt write a blog yesterday =/ but we have a very good reason why !

Here is our lovely story,Well today we went to visit nan and recently our next door neighbours cockatoo had got out of the cage and wandered into my nans tree in the front yard and had been sitting there for 3 days.So i thought that these STUPID 'neighbours' did not care about there beautiful bird, so i told carina she had to do something about this she had to rescue it so she did =].But it took half n hour to get the cockatoo out of the tree and than i had to throw a blanket over him and catch him and i had no choice BUT to take him back into his cage into the neighbours yard =[ i dont have anywhere to put a cockatoo of that size =[ but if he does get out again i will keep him.

That was our fun filled day we were just doing our job =]


much luv flossy

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