Saturday, August 05, 2006

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Hello again everyone,

It's a beautiful day here in sydney, well not that good it's been raininy alot lately BUT we do need the rain.Im not sure but it's this thing that humans talk about somethink um well i think it's called a droop when the rain stops coming for a long time =/ Yea thats it the droop has been annoying the humans for since i can remember and i can remember alots.

I havnt gotten into trouble today well not yet anyway hehehe.Somethink has been annoying me lately for some reason Carina always wants to brush me it's like she has a button in her head and everytime she sees me she gets the brush and starts brushing i think aliens have invaded into her brain and they are trying to wipe out the dog population.Well i say never DOGS with rule the world some day we already rule some humans, we just have to get the rest and then theres no turning back dogs will rule the world.

Going onto another topic now.Angus has still been having fits and the thing is everytime he has a fit we record it down in a book.The last time Angus had a fit was 2 days ago =[ and it really upsets me.I get all unsettled and sometimes i cry =[ Personaliy my family believes that Angus has fits because he is allergic to garlic but not many people believe us but it could also be because he might have a brain tumour but its to risky for him if they were to try and see if he had a brain tumour.The trouble to is that the mrdication Angus is on it will slowly cause his kidneys, hearts or lungs to start to shut down over a 2 year period.We wanted to put Angus on vivotovin that would help him become more 'sane' .Not long ago he ran onto the road and just stood there.But he cant go on vivotovin because it will put to much pressure on his organs.

Well thats it for today have a look at this photo of my colloars.
The first one is when i was 3 months, second one is when i was 6 months and the thrid one is from 9 months till now. oh the picture wont work i will try laters =[ =[

luv flossy


Charlie The Big Dog said...

Hi Flossy

I wish it would rain LOTS! Its fun to get a nice juicy bone and go sit in the rain and chomp. Thats my favorite thing to do! Its SO dry around Sydney at the moment. Its bad because animals dont have a lot of grass to eat. I think I am gonna wave my paw at the sky and tell it if it doesnt rain Im gonna get REALLY cranky!


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey Flossy,

Yep - we sure do need the rain bad here in Sydney :-( The cowdogs need some food to eat ! I have asked some of our buddies over the other side of the world to send some of their rain our way - I hope it arrives soon.
Give Angus a BIG hug for me !


Charlie Kelley-Church said...

Give Angus a hug and kiss from me too. I asked the dashsies for rain and they sent a huge amount. Maybe they could send some to you guys in Australia?! Just ask them. They are on the dogs with blogs site. Their names are Roxy, Sammy and Andy. They are very powerful dogs for being so little.