Thursday, August 10, 2006

Very very busy!!!

Hello there my fellow blog readers,

Sorry that me and Carina havnt been blogging Carina has been really busy lately with all that human stuff, you know assignments and other stuff that takes a long time.And i havnt exactly been what you call 'GOOD' lately.I have no idea what has gotten into me.Today when Carina came home she noticed that i had been pulling some of the clading off the house and that is really really 'BAD' like extremly bad.I think it's very expensive or somethink and thats why Carina got so 'ANGRY' and i have to go back outside soon because im not allowed in till 7:30 because ive been so naughty =[

Well i dont think much has happened this week i had two bones to chew on dug some holes sniffed some butts and yer thats bout it.Oh and by the way i cant take any photos at the moment because my doggie camera is broken=[
sooo very sorry to all of those pups who like looking at some photos =[

COUNTDOWN:21 DAYS and by the way if i dont start behaving myself there will be no party!

luv flossy xoxo =[[


Katsu said...

aww flossy..i hope you start behaving soon!!

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Flossy - you are very naughty ! You had better start behaving soon - I sure wouldn't want you to miss out on your barkday party !


Shannon said...

You best start behaving yourself. None of this trouble is worth missing your barkday party.

You only get one a year.


Katsu said...

of course u can add us!!! =)