Tuesday, August 01, 2006

What a great week

Heya everyone,me and Angus are having a great week.Yesterday daddy was home and today Carina is home=]

I hope i can go walking again soon i really loved running fast at the creek but im not that fast well i could run faster if i wanted to.You should have seen Angus when he could run really fast he would run from one end of the creek to the other in just 5 seconds seriuosly we timed it.He was really fast.But now all he does is waddle around everywhere and sleep all day long.

Well i guess thats just his way off living now because he is pretty old.Angus's last sister Lucky pasted away in september last year she was 17 years old and she had to be put down.But we got her cremated and she basically had to be put down because of old age =[ but then again i guess 17 is a pretty good age and she had a wonderful life.We will always miss her but we know she is still with us, but we just cant see her.

Lots of love

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Isabella said...

Hey Floss! You real relaxed in that picture. Is it prety hot where you are? It's sure hot here in FL. I don't get to go on my long walk till after the sun goes down because it is so hot. The only problem is that I am afraid of the dark, so I don't enjoy my walks at night. I'll be glad when it is cool again and we can walk during the day.
Big Wags,