Saturday, September 30, 2006

Im feeling HOT HOT HOT!

Look at my wrinkles
Howdy partners,

Update of weather

This week sure has been weird i dont know what the stopid weather is doing.One mimit it's hot the next mimit its raining and then the next mimit its windy, deary me.

Update of walkies

Hmm Carina didnt take me AT ALL this week, but i did get to go last weekend with some of Carinas friends we went down to the park and played chasings and of course i won, hehe.

Update of baths

YES!!!! its been 1 whole month in counting since i last had a bath =] thats great i think Carina actually forgot, well i dont care thats good.

Update of FOOD!!!

Yummy, a couple of days ago Carina made me & Angus a casorole it was delicous, i gobbled down the whole thing in 1 mimit. If anyone would like the recipe just tell me and i will put it in my next post =]

Thats it for now doggies

Monday, September 25, 2006

Wind wind go away dont come back another day!

Hello all,

Im not happy to say that im not happy, if that makes sense. I am very angry at the weather why is it so stopid cant it be smart like us doggies =]

Now because of the wind & fires two of my friends cannot BLOG! [Opy & Charlie]
that makes me so cross, now i will have to go and get a BIG bowl of ice cream and eat it all to myself....or maybe not yet, after i finish blogging =]

I went to the park on saturday i had fun running around and around in circles, we didnt stay there for long Carina had to go somewhere =[ for an assignment or something, but it doesnt matter because she gave me a bone so it didnt bother me that much.

Thats all nothing has really happned bye bye doggies


Friday, September 22, 2006


So i have been tagged by Bear bear and Sam =] Hmm now i have to write five things that make me a good doggie friend! Where do i start..

1) I am always willing to sniff a butt even if ive had a bad day.

2) I will eat any food that is put infornt of me, even if it's not exactly fresh.

3) If someone is sad or crying i will go over to them and put my paw on their knee.

4) I am always ready to go for a jog.

5) I will always love my family no matter what happens.

I have decided to tag

  • Maximilliam
  • Tin tin
  • Pippin
  • Willow & Stella
  • Cubby

Sunday, September 17, 2006

My bookie

Hi hi hi hi everyone,

Just a quick little blog entry today, i had a bath yesterday eeeeeeee but i kinda enjoyed it more then last time. Angus is still finding it hard to cope with the heat. I went to the vet yesterday aswell just to quickly weigh myself and can you believe it i am 40kg what a BIG girl i am =]

As you can tell alot of things happened yesterday =] but i guess they are all good, oh and i forgot to say YAY i got a yummy bone aswell yesterday mmm so many great things.

Take a look at the book i got for my barkday it's named after me =]
Oh so famous!!! the only trouble is that the dog in the book is not a german shepard =[


Saturday, September 16, 2006


Heya everyone =]
This is the picture i was trying to get on yesterday, and as you can see from the picture this is what i was talking about the cats having some sort of secret way of talking to each other.
Hmm i wonder what they are up to???

Friday, September 15, 2006

The cat's are hiding a secret

Hi all =]

Sorry i havnt blogged in a while =[ well actually you all should be blaming Carina, she said she's been really really busy, but i said to her what can be more important than blogging =[ She fed me a bone so then i stopped bugging her =] but i didnt forget so thats why we are blogging now!!!

On other news....i think that the cats are hiding something from me....they have been making really weird faces and they are trying to look innocent BUT IT DOESNT FOOL ME!!!
but of course the humans are falling for it, they are soo easy to fool.Silly humans just look into the cats eyes and they melt. I really need to teach them.

Thank you Charlie and Opy for inviting me to be in the calender =] By the way which picture did you chose of me to put in the calender?

Angus has been finding it hard to cope with the heat, so Carina gets a cloth wets it and then puts it on his back it really seems to help.Does anyone have any ideas of another way that we could make it easier for him? If you do we would really appreciate it. We cant let Angus over heat or he will have a fit so thats why its important that we watch him, sometimes i follow him around and i put my paws on his back to let him know im there with him =]

I hope i can get a bone today, the humans are going to some pet warehouse to get 'FOOD' and then they are going to the vet to get angus more tablets. If i dont get a bone when they come back i will be sooo angry that i wont talk to them...for a while hehe! Oh and i forgot to say YAY Carina has been walking me everyday now =] i wub it..except for when little dogs start biting me on my face. That really does hurt!!! =[

Im out now doggies
wub wub


Friday, September 08, 2006

Stay the Same!!!

Hiya everyone,

After thinking very hard about this, i have decided that it is best to STAY THE SAME!!!
Maybe we dont get everythink we want or get to do everythink we want BUT we do kinda get to boss the humans around =] right??? and everyone well most doggies want it to stay the same soooo thats what we will have to do.We just have to put up with it guys and gals.

I am also feeling a bit angry at the 'heaven' why do the keep taking away the humans, it isnt fair first steve now peter what is this world coming to!!! I know these humans went away doing somethink they loved BUT it still isnt fair =[ It doesnt seem right, and i heard the humans saying somethink about all things come in 3's is that bad or good?? does it mean next time i get a bone i will get 3???


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

It's me or the dog?

ello there doggies,
Isnt it amazing how many people are actually afraid of dogs, and i was thinking this could be a 'GREAT' advantage for us dogs =] It could help us take over the humans imagine this No more baths, NO more having to sit, NO more getting brushed and NO more not being allowed to get on the lounge wouldnt it be great.
But there are also some bad things about this such as NO more getting taken to the vet when your sick, NO big bones, NO walkies and NO driving in the car with your head sticking out the window smelling all those great smells oh sorry back to the i will let you guys decide on this TAKE OVER THE WORLD or STAY THE SAME!?
flossy xoxoxo

Monday, September 04, 2006

Who said being 'BIG' makes you tough

I am a bit angry today doggies =z

and it's not because i havnt had my daily serving of bones, it's because everyone is scared of me or hates me. Why are these humans so stupid i am a cute, cuddly, adorable, loving, gorgeous buddle of fluff [not the stinky fluffs that come out from under my tail]

anyway back to the point, what is there not to love about me.Ok get this, i was minding my own bussiness walking down the street with Carina & all of a sudden 'BAM' these humans come out of nowhere and start screaming all because of me walking in their front yard.I mean come on what is with that i dont even leave a deposit when i go walkies only cause it's embarrassing.

And it's not like they can stop me from walking past their front yard, im a good little girl. Hmm so i continued to walk and everyone else was fine except for people who cross the road when im on the same side as them, they only cross it because i am there.I dont even get a chance to say hello.

Im out doggies

wub wub
floss xOXxO

Sunday, September 03, 2006


Hey all,

Not much to say today, just take a look at this pls =]

Beau vanished from a 2.5 metre high verandah which was secured by a gate at the top of the stairs during the day between the hours of 8.00 am and 2.00 pm on Tuesday, 1 July 2003 while I was away at work. The latch was on the outside of the gate.
It was impossible for a dog to open this latch. It was impossible for a dog to jump over the verandah railings. It is extremely unlikely that Beau could have been able to climb over the gate.
The house is set well back from the roadway and the verandah is hidden from view by tall Jacaranda trees which line the driveway. The front gate to the property is locked. The entire boundary of the property is fenced with hinge-joint wire fencing, which the fencing contractor told me was ‘wild pig proof,’ and this boundary fence line is electrified. The house area is also fenced with hinge-joint wire fencing.

If anyone can help please dont hesitate HELP FIND BEAU!!!