Friday, September 15, 2006

The cat's are hiding a secret

Hi all =]

Sorry i havnt blogged in a while =[ well actually you all should be blaming Carina, she said she's been really really busy, but i said to her what can be more important than blogging =[ She fed me a bone so then i stopped bugging her =] but i didnt forget so thats why we are blogging now!!!

On other news....i think that the cats are hiding something from me....they have been making really weird faces and they are trying to look innocent BUT IT DOESNT FOOL ME!!!
but of course the humans are falling for it, they are soo easy to fool.Silly humans just look into the cats eyes and they melt. I really need to teach them.

Thank you Charlie and Opy for inviting me to be in the calender =] By the way which picture did you chose of me to put in the calender?

Angus has been finding it hard to cope with the heat, so Carina gets a cloth wets it and then puts it on his back it really seems to help.Does anyone have any ideas of another way that we could make it easier for him? If you do we would really appreciate it. We cant let Angus over heat or he will have a fit so thats why its important that we watch him, sometimes i follow him around and i put my paws on his back to let him know im there with him =]

I hope i can get a bone today, the humans are going to some pet warehouse to get 'FOOD' and then they are going to the vet to get angus more tablets. If i dont get a bone when they come back i will be sooo angry that i wont talk to them...for a while hehe! Oh and i forgot to say YAY Carina has been walking me everyday now =] i wub it..except for when little dogs start biting me on my face. That really does hurt!!! =[

Im out now doggies
wub wub



Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey Flossy,

We find a wet towel for Charlie when it's hot helps him heaps, especially on his tummy - also, he loves the sprinker and to lie in front of the fan. He also likes to eat ice blocks - just frozen water - they seem to cool him down too. I am glad Angus has got such a great family looking after him :-)

We chose the pic of you sitting down looking at the camera - that's such a nice pic :-)

Anyway buddy - our dinner is ready, so catch you soon !


e said...

Hey Flossy
YAY!!! Our favourite aussie is back!
Um, yeah giving iceblocks is agood idea and what about a cooling mat? I have seen them advertised here in Sunny Singapore.
Or you could freeze some water in ziplock bags and double bag them and chuck them under the mattress/ bed angus sleeps on?
Sponging regularly is also a good idea for hot weather.
Flossy, why are little dogs biting you? Who are they???

Fei & E

Dachsies Rule said...


You are so good to help take care of Angus. Mom puts ice cubes (you call them ice blocks?) in our water bowl to keep the water cool in the summer. Roxie picks them out but it helps. We have seen those cooling mats advertised too. Those would probably help a lot.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Sam I Am said...
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Sam I Am said...

they are hiding a set of towels with "His" "Hers" and "Kitty's."on them!!!

Lot's of Lick's

Cubby said...

Did you get a bone?

Dakota has a cooling collar - something to try!