Monday, September 04, 2006

Who said being 'BIG' makes you tough

I am a bit angry today doggies =z

and it's not because i havnt had my daily serving of bones, it's because everyone is scared of me or hates me. Why are these humans so stupid i am a cute, cuddly, adorable, loving, gorgeous buddle of fluff [not the stinky fluffs that come out from under my tail]

anyway back to the point, what is there not to love about me.Ok get this, i was minding my own bussiness walking down the street with Carina & all of a sudden 'BAM' these humans come out of nowhere and start screaming all because of me walking in their front yard.I mean come on what is with that i dont even leave a deposit when i go walkies only cause it's embarrassing.

And it's not like they can stop me from walking past their front yard, im a good little girl. Hmm so i continued to walk and everyone else was fine except for people who cross the road when im on the same side as them, they only cross it because i am there.I dont even get a chance to say hello.

Im out doggies

wub wub
floss xOXxO


*+.LuCkY.+*+.BaBy.+* said...

heyz floss how are you? and your blog is cool keep up the gr8 work =D well cyaz ill write bak later byez.

e said...

awwww flos!!!!
I hear you! People do that to me too when me and Eve go on walkies. The thing is though, I am only small and I'm actually more afraid of random people than they should be afraid of little ol' me.

Eve reckons its the BBD (big black dog syndrome).
I not only get screams but little kiddies' parents saying "Careful. The dog will BITE you!" I also get disgusted stares, 2 crazy old men trying to shoo me away with a brolly and rolled up newspaper; and a grown man 2/3 the size of Barry Hall screaming when he saw little ol' me.

HUG HUG Flossy.

p.s.cant wait to get a stunning pic of you and your bio for my wall of fame!


Dachsies Rule said...


How awful for you. People just need to learn to sniff before they make judgements. We have people avoid us because we bark hello. Mom has just decided it is their loss to not get to know us. Besides, she figures she may not want us to be friends with everybody. We love you Flossy and we would sniff you and share our toys if we lived close enough.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Tin Tin Blogdog said...


how awful.

Maybe you should take the upper paw and avoid the humans before they have a chance to avoid you.

Maybe throwing up whenever they start behaving scared might be an idea?

Or lying down on the ground, four paws in the air, motionless?

I dunno.

Humans are a strange lot. Our work is cut out for us.

Anyway don't you fret Flosskins, we love ya.

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey Flossy,

To quote Turbo - humans are stupid !! Oh, and ignorant !!

We all love ya, and that is what counts !

Love, your pal,


Tigersan said...

For some reason... and me really can't understand why... there are those that are even afraid of me! Even when me have the mouth open and doing the best to look friendly, they actually walk away from me or avoid me anyway they can. Oh well, maybe they are allergic... or maybe me shadow make me look tougher ;)

Cubby said...

I know what you mean! Yesterday a girl screamed and ran when she saw me - and she used to pet me everytime I saw her!