Friday, October 20, 2006

The world looks cool upside down!

Hello everyone =]

See that picture there, it's an old one but i thoguht i would put it up, just for the fun of it. Thanks for everyones comments before, i really appreciate that so many doggies care =] I feel very loved.

Here in Sydney the stupid weather is changing again and again, yesterday was HOT then today cold, geez doesnt it have a mind like a dog.

Can someone please help me, Carina and i have been trying to work out how to upload a video recording onto my blog? Can i please have some help =[ i have a recording of when i was a wee little pup, not that small but smaller, about 3 months old

Thats it for now


Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Hallo all you pups =]

I was just thinking about D.W.B's today and i decided to write a little bit about why i love it here so much!

1) I have made so many great friends here for life

2) I can share my photos with dogs/people who love and care for me

3) I can read back and remember where i buired my last bone

4) No one here is scared of me =]

5) I have had experiences here that i may have never had the chance to do

6) You guys can always give me advice and help

7) If im sad i know you guys will always cheer me up

8) You's know that im NOT just a dog

9) I love sharing my storys with everyone from around the world

10) And mostly i wanted to say

I LOVE YOU with out you's it wouldnt be the same

Monday, October 16, 2006

This is cheeky boy, which is actually a girl
This is Mr Mac
And me with ice cream on my nose

Hi all =]

My camera is broken, yet again =[ so i cant take any new pictures, to put on the computer, yay im happy that Boss is back now we can play together, im so much bigger than him now.

Carina is still very busy, so she cant spend much time on the computer, i will just have to chew on a bone to pass the time *sigh*

Bye for now

not forever

=] love you all

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


BIG ME! =]
Howdy all my doggie friends =]

I am so sorry that i havnt been posting, it's just that Carina has had alot of assignments to get done, so ive just been sleeping and chewing on lots of bones to pass the time.

Well i guess i really should inform you guys of what has been happening here in my kennel, that i share with the humans =]

I have been doing alot of growing and i mean ALOT! i am 71cm now, how BIG is that but i dont think it matters it just means there is more of me to love, right?

I have been getting alot of food lately, it seems like everytime Carina eats i do, its like she takes a bite i take a bite and so on AND THIS IS GREAT FOR ME! i just open my mouth and food gets shoved in =] what a great hoilday this is!

Hmm angus still hasnt been very good, having lots of fits and bad stuff =[ i guess he is just getting really old, i mean he is what 14!

well thats it for now
bye bye