Monday, November 27, 2006

Waiting for the cards

Hey all =]

Nothing much to say, as you can see i have been waiting for the cards to arrive!

I am so excited about getting the cards! and i hope everyone is going to have
a great xmas! =D


Friday, November 24, 2006

Floss & Angus

Hello everyone =]

This is an old photo from about 5 months ago, but i thought i would post it because it's really nice

I'm really excited about getting the calendars i think there going to be GREAT! I will try not to eat them, hehe =]

Carina hasnt taken me walking for ages! It's probably because of all of those test and stuff she has had! whatever those are anyway, i dont think they could be as important as my walkies =[

I cant believe its going to be christmas soon, i wonder what the humans will get for me this year!
The only thing i dont like about this time of the year is that it seems to be when lots of mean people decide to dump there animals or just leave them and go on hoildays and then there is so many animals left homeless! that makes me very sad

Thats it for now
love flossy

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Spoilt! i think NOT!

Hey all =] im so glad im back and blogging everyday i really did miss it here heaps!

Boy OH boy it really was HOT today! these are the steps that Carina does everyday when she comes home from school

Step 1:
Let Angus and Floss inside

Step 2:
Wet Angus and Floss with cold towel

Step 3:
Give Angus and Flossy MILK! (Special dog milk)

Step 4:
Feed Angus and Floss

Step 5:
Let them sleep

See guys im really not that spoilt, hehe =]

Love floss

Monday, November 20, 2006

It's way to hot!

Howdy all ;]

I'm having a terrible time here in sydney it's been way to HOT! these last couple of days and me and Angus have had to be outside during the day =[ but i guess the humans need that green stuff so they can buy us FOOD!

Not long ago Carina went to the animal expo that was on, and she said it is great there. Theres cats, dogs, rabbits, mice, rats, birds, reptiles and farm animals! she loves it there

Theres heaps of information there on all animals, she even got me food when she went there

Carina has also finished all of her yearly exams =D so she can back to here and start writing again

Nothing much has been happening Angus and me have just been sleeping inside and staying out of the heat, i wish we could play with water so we could get nice and cool

Thats it for now
lots of love
flossy xo

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Sorry this is a little bit late, but i guess it's the thought that counts =D

Opy your a very special girl, and i love you very much!
I hope all of your doggie wishes come true on this very special day for you
You were the first one who welcomed me here, when i first joined and made
me feel very loved, every single dog in the world should have a blog, ive made so many
friends here and its because of you, if carina didnt see that sign in the vet that day
we never would have met, and that would have been a shame.


Lots of love

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Dont blame me, im sorry =[

Hey guys

I'm sorry I have had to stay away for so long, Carina has had lots of test at school and has had to study for them =[ I’ve missed you guys heaps and I haven’t even had time to read anyone’s blog =[ I have alot of reading to do tonight, but I probably wont be posting another blog for a while again

Angus was not well last week, Carina thought that he would have had to go to the vet and not come back, I don’t know what she means by that but what ever it is it cant be good, he’s a bit better now things are looking good

Other news, I have been a very good girl lately not digging holes or anything, I heard the humans say that I might be saving all my energy up and then one day they will come home and the house wont be there, hehe that gives me ideas

I'm sorry that I wasn’t able to join the xmas card exchange, I guess I just missed out this time I really did want to join it, it would have been great to get cards from doggies all around the world =] there’s always next time

Also does anyone know when the dogs with blogs calendar will be coming out? I can’t wait =]

That’s it for now doggies