Saturday, November 11, 2006

Dont blame me, im sorry =[

Hey guys

I'm sorry I have had to stay away for so long, Carina has had lots of test at school and has had to study for them =[ I’ve missed you guys heaps and I haven’t even had time to read anyone’s blog =[ I have alot of reading to do tonight, but I probably wont be posting another blog for a while again

Angus was not well last week, Carina thought that he would have had to go to the vet and not come back, I don’t know what she means by that but what ever it is it cant be good, he’s a bit better now things are looking good

Other news, I have been a very good girl lately not digging holes or anything, I heard the humans say that I might be saving all my energy up and then one day they will come home and the house wont be there, hehe that gives me ideas

I'm sorry that I wasn’t able to join the xmas card exchange, I guess I just missed out this time I really did want to join it, it would have been great to get cards from doggies all around the world =] there’s always next time

Also does anyone know when the dogs with blogs calendar will be coming out? I can’t wait =]

That’s it for now doggies


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey Flossy girl,

Great to have you back - we missed you SO much :-)

Poor Angus, I hope he feels better soon.

The calenders will be out very soon - mum and dad are just waiting for their test calanders to arrive and if they look okay - they will be on sale asap.

Mum will let you know when they are out as she was thinking of getting just the one order for us Aussies sent to her, and then she will send them out to you, Tin-Tin etc. It will work out cheaper on postage that way.

Hope Carina does well on her tests - and I am glad you are being a good girl :-)


Jay said...

Oh Flossy, I'm sorry you missed out the card exchange.

If you want, I can still send you a Christmas card. Just email me your address. Deal?


e said...

Hey Flossy babe
Missed you heaps from all the non- blogging. We haven't blogged too much either since Fei and I are now apart.

Would still love to send you a special xmas card from Fei if you email your address privately.

Hope carina aces all the studyin stuff. It can be tough sometimes.

speak soon,
Love and big big hugs for my all time favourite gal

Fei & Eve

Cubby said...

You're back! The calendar is coming out this weekend - go see Charlie's blog for a link!

If you send me your address, I will send you a card.

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey Flossy,

The DWB's calenders are now out - please contact my mum and she will have a chat to you about them :-)

Hope Carina's studying and exams are going well :-)


Charlie Kelley-Church said...

hey Floss- send me an email to: with your address and I will send you a card.