Tuesday, May 29, 2007

SEVEN pawsome facts (:

Carina took that photo when i was licking my lips
Hello all, (:

I was tagged by charlotte to write 7 things about myself, so here they are:

  1. I love to lick peoples toes (:

  2. I wag my tail so HARD i could put a hole in the wall


  4. I never eat enough (:

  5. I like to sleep in hoomans beds

  6. I can put my WHOLE paw in my mouth (:

  7. I like driving in the car, driving is fun.hehe

The seven dogs i choose are Opy, Buster, Cubby, Bella, Balboa, Oscar airedale and Maxey

*Dogs that are tagged need to post in their Diary the rules & their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names*

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Hey eveyone (:

I'm going to say thanks to eveyone, here on my blog because i have had so many replys back to my other post that i could not go back to them all

I can never say thanks enough to all of you's, it means so much to me just to know that people/doggies out there do care (:

Lots of yous probably know how difficult it is at a time like this, and that its even harder when most people around you dont understand and dont care, because they feel that animals are not important enough to be loved, but that is why it is so GREAT here all of yous know and understand what my famly is going through

Lots and lots of love

Floss & the family (:

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

rip angus you will always be missed ):

Hey all ):

Not very good news today, Angus had been sick for a couple of days now he hadnt been walking, eating or going toilet and last night, he finally didnt feel pain anymore, this is very sad news for my family and its going to be very hard without him ):

Here is a poem from the www.petsatpeace.com.au site, this is a really wonderful company that cremate your animals for you when they pass away.

Through life's journey we took a ride,
The times you spent by my side,
You always were there as my best friend,
But we knew one day,there would be an end.
Heavens doors are open,
just walk through the gates,
In this Animal Kingdom sunshine awaits,
To a place you can run free,
never grow old,
A world full of freedom, rivers of gold.
Towards the rainbow,
you can play and run,
Or in the green fields,
you relax in the sun,
Under the trees,
just rest in the shade,
As this is the place where dreams are made.
No pain or suffering exists in this place,
Only fields of endless happiness,
butterflies you chase.
Beyond the hills you lead your friends,
As my broken heart tries to mend.
When I light a candle and whisper your name,
This shall become forever, an endless flame.
When you look down from pet heaven,
see tears on my cheek,
Make me strong please my baby,
day by day,
week by week.
When I look amongst the stars for you,
I can see you shining in heaven,
it's true,
Just wait for me,
I'll see you one day,
But now my friend, just relax or play...

Friday, May 04, 2007

I have one EVIL eye!


That darnnn camera makes me look so yucky in photos, just look at this one, my eye doesnt even look like this!!!!

I remembered that i told yous i was going to post a video of me doing an obstacle course but i cant at the moment because the flys have been biting me really BADLY! and now i have a very sore leg and its making me yelp alot bcus its all red and sore :(

Carina told me im going VETTTT! soon (YAY!) so then Dr Davis can give me something to make it all better (:

Lots of love