Saturday, September 13, 2008

Long time no barkkkkkkkkkk

oooo nummy i think i can see wait its just carina :)

Hey all :)
I bet so much has happened since i havnt been here in the last 5 doggie yearsssssss! I really have missed talking to everyone, ive missed out on having so much fun :( If anyone remembers Micro, hehe has grown alottttssssss now hes almost as big as me ;) he is such a little sook and Jez is just a jumping bean he could run around all day and play, but not me i just like to pretend im tired so i can come and sleep inside all day long hehe, micro's legs are all fixed up nows, cept i dont understand what the hoomans mean by that i mean his legs still look really really tiny to me :) Hmm and about me my back legs are killingggggggg me i have no idea what happened when i gots up this morning i couldnt lay back down and i keep puffing causeeeeee im tired from standing ups all the time, any suggestions :( plweaseeeee


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Its True =]

Haroooooooooo all =]

Wow it has been long, and yes its true there is yet another family member joining us Carina says he is very small but he is not food for me! His name is Micro and he came from pawsnhooves from the same lady that Jez came from =] Micro has a sad story, i will let him tell it. Roooorff hello everyone =] well i was picked up by the pound but i didnt have much of a chance at life in the beginning i was found with two broken legs one at the front and one at the back they thought i was in alot of pain so the doctor said he was going to put me to sleep, because there was nothing that could be done for me, THIS wasnt right though my bones were broken at the top, which meant they couldnt be fixed but they werent causing me any pain, so luckily i was rescued by an amazing lady, she saved my life literally =] after she took care of me and nursed me back into health i met Carina and her family, they feel inlove with me straight away and couldnt say no hehehehes =]

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Hello everyone, it's been so so so so long i wonder if any of yous remember me and Jez, hehe

we have been so angry at Carina she's on hoildays now and hasnt been coming on this compooter, grrr she got her marks for some test thingy she had to do at school SHE PASSED EVERYTHING :) so im guessing that means its a good thing hehe, we gave her a bone for christmas but i dont think she really liked it, hmmmm anyway while we have been gone alot has happened there is a new family member, i think she is a very small dog but Carina keeps telling me that its a rabbit, whatever that is it sounds tasty :) we have some pictures to show you later also Jez has been doing a little bit of growing but he isnt as BIG as me, he never will be :) so that means whenever theres food i can shove my big head, infront of his!!! hehehehs I LOVED CHRISTMAS it's the best hoilday evevevveveerrrrr! because there is just so much food, and the hoomans get a big leg of ham mmmm me and Jez get alot of the meat, its so yummyyyyyyyy! :)

OooOoOOhh and before christmas Carina took me to the animal welfare league at hoxton park to meet with all the other doggies, it was very fun and i got to meet alot of cool doggie friends :)

hmm let me think what else has happened, that seems about all, just want to say sorry to you all for letting you down and not posting any blogs :( im truly sorrry!

pawssssss out!
Flossy & Jez