Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Its True =]

Haroooooooooo all =]

Wow it has been long, and yes its true there is yet another family member joining us Carina says he is very small but he is not food for me! His name is Micro and he came from pawsnhooves from the same lady that Jez came from =] Micro has a sad story, i will let him tell it. Roooorff hello everyone =] well i was picked up by the pound but i didnt have much of a chance at life in the beginning i was found with two broken legs one at the front and one at the back they thought i was in alot of pain so the doctor said he was going to put me to sleep, because there was nothing that could be done for me, THIS wasnt right though my bones were broken at the top, which meant they couldnt be fixed but they werent causing me any pain, so luckily i was rescued by an amazing lady, she saved my life literally =] after she took care of me and nursed me back into health i met Carina and her family, they feel inlove with me straight away and couldnt say no hehehehes =]