Saturday, September 13, 2008

Long time no barkkkkkkkkkk

oooo nummy i think i can see wait its just carina :)

Hey all :)
I bet so much has happened since i havnt been here in the last 5 doggie yearsssssss! I really have missed talking to everyone, ive missed out on having so much fun :( If anyone remembers Micro, hehe has grown alottttssssss now hes almost as big as me ;) he is such a little sook and Jez is just a jumping bean he could run around all day and play, but not me i just like to pretend im tired so i can come and sleep inside all day long hehe, micro's legs are all fixed up nows, cept i dont understand what the hoomans mean by that i mean his legs still look really really tiny to me :) Hmm and about me my back legs are killingggggggg me i have no idea what happened when i gots up this morning i couldnt lay back down and i keep puffing causeeeeee im tired from standing ups all the time, any suggestions :( plweaseeeee