Tuesday, August 10, 2010



Gus said...

Hi guys..thanks for dropping by my bloggie. I feel bad because muzzer is not blogging much since we started this move, but y'all know how that goes, right?

We like the pictures you posted. Two of you look like Teka Toy, but I won't hold that against ya!


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...


Great to hear from you again - and really great to see that the pups are all doing so well. Flossy is still as gorgeous as always :)

Sadly, we lost Charlie just over a year ago - it's been so tough, but Benson is certainly helping us heal. Opy is still going well, and will be 14 this year - she loves Benson to bits and it is so great to watch them play together.

Thanks for stopping by - it's wonderful to see you back :)


Anton said...

Congrats for your dogs.You have some nice pic here.

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jaaske said...


You must have your hands full with seven (!) dogs. We only have one but he's so much fun, too!

If you're interested, you can see pictures of our boy at


We're in Katoomba in the Blue Mountains.

Katherine and Pippa said...

Just wonderful to hear from you all again, you've changed your blog and obviously been incredibly busy.

Hope you get chance to update again soon - we're rubbish at keeping up to our blogs these days anyway!


Anonymous said...

That straddle photo is hysterical. How long will Floss put up with that nonsense?
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lildogomine said...

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lildogomine said...

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